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Are you considering mediation as an efficient, cost effective and self-determined way to resolve your family law matter?

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What is mediation?

Put simply, mediation is a process through which a structured negotiation between two parties is facilitated by an independent person, the mediator, who facilitates the discussions and negotiations with the goal of resolving the issues in dispute.

Benefits of Mediation

Agreeing with your former partner to try to find a solution through a mediation process can occur at any stage; Following separation, to avoid going to court altogether and moving on with clarity of vision for your future.

Prior to commencing court proceedings, in a practical approach to reaching a negotiated outcome without having to commit to that giant adversarial step. During court proceedings, when you’re on the litigation merry go round and you both want to find a way to get off.

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What is Mediation

"I often find in mediation that with some assistance parents soon realise that there is more that unites them than that which divides them."

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Why am I a mediator? I started my career in Family Law working from inside the Family Court legal system. During those 10 years I witnessed firsthand the disappointed expectations of parents desperately arguing over their children and others about financial matters. People in litigation tend to forget that when you commence Court proceedings you lose control over the outcome, because you are asking a Judge to make a decision about your children or your property. Rarely did I encounter two parties who were satisfied with their outcomes and never did I hear a person say they enjoyed the experience. It is that insight that motivates me to help people resolve their differences without the need to go to Court, remaining in control of their outcomes and reaching concluded agreements that are in the mutual best interests of their former partner, co-parent and their children.

Fraser Murray - Your nationally accredited mediator.

Meet Fraser. Fraser is passionate about assisting everyday people resolve real life issues. In fact, Fraser specialises in assisting people that choose not to be legally represented in their mediation. With years of experience as a family lawyer and working in the family court, Fraser understands that each matter is unique and is able to guide people in reaching a solution that is right for them

Fraser Murray