Child-Inclusive Mediation

Separating from a partner is a difficult and complex time, even more so when there are children involved that need to be considered.

Child-focused support during separation.

It can be difficult during a separation to remain child-focused and to be able to hold in mind what is best for children, especially if there is a level of parental conflict and concerns for your children in the post-separation context.

Having the opportunity to hear the voice of children through engaging with an independent expert, who can provide a preliminary assessment and practical recommendations about what will be best for children during the time of separation, can support parties to remain child-focused. It can assist parties prior to the mediation stage, informing the mediation process in a meaningful and timely manner.

By working with expert family consultants, we can offer a Child-Informed Outcome Report (COR) that provides an assessment that is primarily child-focused, identifies the needs and experiences of the child(ren) within custody disputes, assesses children’s relationships and developmental needs, along with identifying risk factors that may be present.

Ideally, the process seeks to try and support the adults to identify and agree on arrangements that meet their children’s needs in a collaborative and child-focused manner, without a litigation focus.

This short-form report can then inform the mediation stage or later be used as a stand-alone document for further negotiations between lawyers, including for Court purposes.

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Child-Informed Outcome Report

Working with family consultants Laura Dodds or Jacky Reeves.

The process involves engaging with an expert family consultant as follows:

  • Interviewing parents (1 hour sessions, issue specific/no partners included/via telephone/ video);
  • Interviewing children in person;
  • Reviewing material; and
  • Completing a written report (COR), including analysis and recommendations, within a guaranteed timeframe of three weeks or prior to an agreed mediation date.
  • Attending mediation at the request of the parties.

Cost: $3,300 inc GST


The process involves:

  • 8 hour (full day) Family Dispute Mediation (in person or by Microsoft Teams). Includes on-site room hire in the Sunshine Coast Mediation Centre, if it is in person.
  • Invitations issued to both parties to attend at mediation.
  • Individual intake appointments prior to mediation date (by telephone/Microsoft Teams).
  • Refreshments (morning/afternoon tea).
  • If agreement reached – assistance with Parenting Plan and/or Heads of Agreement.
  • If no agreement – issue s60I certificate (upon request at no additional charge).

Cost: $3,630 inc GST

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“At the core of my passion for child-inclusive mediation is my dedication to working with families to implement solutions that give parents and children a voice, this builds the foundations of a successful mediation.”
Child Inclusive Mediations - Fraser sitting in the mediation room
Fraser Murray
Nationally Accredited Mediator & Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Cost of CIM

The total cost for a child-inclusive mediation package is $6,930 inc GST. This cost also includes a 1-hour consultation with the family consultant in the mediation process, with additional consultation priced at $250 plus GST per hour.